Thursday, January 11, 2007

Buddying Up with Terrorists Can Be a Lucrative Business

Photo: Gen. Clark being chummy with his terrorist pal -- KLA leader, Thaci

Surprised that Wesley Clark is against bombing a terrorist regime in Iran and is blaming the Jews for a military response being a real possibility? Too bad no one paid attention when Clark’s ethnic target was the Serbs. Clark has been in the employ of terrorists for almost a decade, in his case the bin Laden-trained Kosovo Liberation Army, whom he and the Clinton administration made us allies to.

This pimp has lined his pockets with dubiously motivated Albanian money drenched in half a century of Christian blood, and he continues to shill for the Albanian lobby today, to ensure that the Serbs’ Jerusalem (Kosovo) goes to his narco-jihadi-terrorist mafia masters who pay him to make it so.

(And it’ll happen in a couple months because NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION, and not one single newspaper in this country is on the case. Not one.)

Clark’s associate, Brooklyn-based KLA fundraiser and weapons smuggler Florin Krasniqi — who admits in a Dutch documentary (aired on PBS) that he worked with al Qaeda to “liberate” Kosovo — is seen in the same documentary introducing fellow fighters to Clark with the words, “This is your group, your KLA.”

So now this guy has gone anti-Jew. That’s because if the Jews are the canary in the mine, the Serbs have been the canary’s canary.

The Wall St. Journal’s Opinion Journal took great exception last week to Clark’s recent comments about the “New York money people.” But in February 2005, the Journal published with a straight face one of several op-eds by this butcher of the Balkans, who works to ensure a mono-ethnic Kosovo. In it, Clark warned that “a violent collision may occur by year-end” if we don’t give the Albanians what they want (independence without standards ala Palestine). And this four-star general advocated doing just that.

Wesley Clark and Bill Clinton actively dismantled a democracy called Yugoslavia, and created yet another mono-ethnic state (now well on its way to becoming an Islamic one) in Europe’s underbelly. As every new “democracy” we’ve touched in the Balkans marches toward ethnic purity, only one has preserved the mutli-national, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious flavor of Yugoslavia: Serbia. (That’s the one we bombed.)

Clark has been the Wall St. Journal’s darling for some time. Perhaps the newspaper will now rethink its relationship with this terror pimp. One hopes that the “influential Jews” will have more pull than the Serbs did.

Oh, and to Fox News, which hired this whore as a contributor: Enjoy the contribution.

Read more by Julia Gorin here.


JOhn said...

I have heard that this clown, Clark, has a desire to run for President of the United States.

If he does, hopefully the facts you stated here will come back to haunt him!


Blackbird said...

Yes, John, he's already made moves toward the presidency. I wish the American public did care about the facts, such as these, but it's almost impossible to get them out because the news media, both TV and newspapers don't care and don't want to know -- why, if they started suddenly reporting the truth, they'd have to admit they had been reporting lies all those years before! I predict they will continue to hide behind their glossed up lies.